Recommended Running Podcasts

The Geeks subscribe to a lot of podcasts.  Here’s a list of them with descriptions:

Running with the Pack Allan and Stevie always provide a cheery talk about running and triathlons.  Both of them are marathoners who enjoy the running lifestyle.  One of our favorites for sure.  The show is released weekly or bi-weekly depending on their work schedules.  Allan was a guest on our show Episode 15.

Iron Brandon Brandon has a weekly show about everything triathlons.  An iron-distance triathlete himself, Brandon reviews products, goes over training, and has many big name guests (including Danny Abshire, Chris McDougall, Caballo Blanco).  Brandon was a guest on Episode 11.

RunRunLive A weekly show hosted by professional Zombie hunter and yak farmer, Chris Russell, RunRunLive provides a wealth of knowledge, comedy, and guests.  Chris usually has a guest on every week ranging from the CEO of ReSole to an Indian ultra-runner.  Chris is poetic, poignant, and funny.

A Mile With MeSteve Chopper takes us around Great Britain via bike or running shoes.

BHAG Running Hosted by Aussie runner JayDub, BHAG (Big, Hairy Audacious Goal) is a mixture of a podcast (from his mobile studio/car) and runcast.  Jay shares his training for his own BHAGs as well as shares listener provided BHAG.  He usually gets a show out every week.

BTR: The Marathon Show This is listed as an online radio show, hosted by Joe Taricani.  I just recently started listening to this show, so I only have heard a few episodes.  Each weekly show seems to have a single topic/guest(s).  The ones I have listened to have been enjoyable.

The Devoted Runner A mixture of running and religion, hosted by St3ven.  He covers his training, his life, and whatever else that pops into his mind.  Sometimes a parable will pop in there as well.

Dirt Dawg’s Running Diatribe Another weekly/bi-weekly podcast by ultra-runner/cool guy, Dirt Dawg.  It is always a mixture of guests, runcasting, podcasting, quotes, and races.

Early Morning Cruzin Typically a runcast done by James/J1.  James has years of experience in running.  Usually a weekly release, James might be putting the show on hold pending a running injury.  Hope not!

FishaDad Hosted by Bill, FishaDad documents his journey of weight loss, running, and veganism.  Bill is a compassionate father who is looking to help and inspire others.  This is a weekly podcast.

Geek Girl Runner A podcast comes out of Australia on a sporadic basis, GGR is hosted by Kris Howard, an American born resident of Australia.  When she gets around to recording, she usually talks life, running, and tips for running from the female perspective.

Intervals – A shorter show by SteveRunner about varying topics.  Usually, it’s whatever is on his mind including wine, running, Florida, etc.

iRunFar – a video podcast about trail running and ultra running, iRunFar contains great reviews and interviews of some of the greats (Krupicka, Rose, etc.).

Kelownagurl Tris Triathlon Podcast Hosted by the Kelownagurl herself, she talks about the world of triathlons.  Good tips for running, biking and swimming.

Out Running A runcast hosted by Chuck, the weekly/bi-weekly show follows his training (and/or healing as of late) which includes running in Vibrams.

The Palmetto RunnerJason puts out “just another running podcast” with interesting stories about running, biking and swimming down south.

Phedippidations Hosted by the godfather of running podcasts, SteveRunner.  With 250 + episodes in the can ranging in topics from running pregnant to the Boston marathon, you will surely find something of interest in his catalog.  Definitely one of my favorites!

PRSFit Live – Training with the coaches hosted by Jeff and Diane.  They bring on guests and have interesting topic dealing with running and triathlon training.

Real Rookie Running A show not unlike ours featuring two lifetime friends, Mike and Corey.  Of course, life has kept them from recording recently.  We eagerly await their return to podcasting.

The Reflective RunnerJeff Mahuta hosts this runcast about his training.  Good guy, good show.

RunTriChat – A diverse show hosted by KelownaGurl about different topics every week.  You can catch Jason on episode #4.

Run Vegan Run Hosted by Megan, RVR is a mixture of runcast and podcast about her endurance sport lifestyle.  Megan is a BQ runner, triathlete, and coach with lots of good tips for us mortals!

RunDiggerRun Matt puts out a sporadic runcast of his adventures through the Washington D.C. area.  He will even stop at monuments and historical area for a “You are here” segment describing the area.

Run Like HealthJake, a vegan, father, age-group triathlete, runcasts on a weekly basis about training, life, veganism, etc.  He also plays a fun game at the end of the show call RunLikeHealth Ipod Roulette.

The Runner’s Round Table The RRT is like the CSPAN of running.  Recorded on TalkShoe, RRT has a revolving number of hosts and guests.  Anyone can schedule a topic and guest list, so the enjoyment and quality varies from show to show.

Running Crunch – Hosted by Jeff, it is primarily a runcast with him training in the Middle East while trying to lose weight.

Running from the Reaper A runcast by the mighty Nigel, Running from the Reaper follow his thoughts while on his running journey.  Just started listening to this show, so I’ll try to fill you in when I listen to more episodes.  The ones I have listened to have been quite enjoyable.

Running in the Center of the Universe A runcast by Ashland Dave, an ultra-runner.  Updated sporadically, but always a good show.

Running the Golden Years A runcast/podcast by Dan, a 30+ year running veteran.  Dan is quite an accomplished runner, a great friend, and dabbles in minimalist footwear.  A great show to listen to!

Running the Narrow Path A runcast by Krister, this is the ultimate in relaxation.  He has such a soothing voice and describes the scenery of his trail runs so eloquently.  This is another new podcast for me, but I highly recommend.

Slow Runner’s Club Hosted by Adam and Eddie, the SLC is a new podcast by seasoned podcasting veterans.  I look forward to some very good content coming from these friends of the show.

This Running Life This is Gordon‘s new podcast, switching the name from Running to Disney (which is also a good show).  It is part runcast/podcast/weird stuff that happens at Wal-Mart-cast.  Gordon just finished his first sub-4 marathon, is a Vegan, and is coached by Megan from the Run Vegan Run podcast

Tribork is Trying Follow the weight loss and fitness journey of TriBork.  Plagued with injury, TriBork has a mission to lose weight and complete an Olympic distance triathlon.

Two Gomers – Follow Anthony and Steven as they conquer another marathon, this time in under 5 hours.  Sometimes off topic, but always entertaining.

The Ultradad Podcast A runcast done by Rob, a father, volunteer firefighter, and ultra-runner.  He just talks about whatever current running events are on his mind, such as the Boston Marathon.

You Don’t Have to Run Alone A runcast by Ted, a formerly unhealthy guy who recently retired from the Air Force.  Ted runs and talks as if he is next to you chatting away.  This show is great for running with.

The 3 Non Joggers – Wonderfully funny (and blue) show with two ultrarunners (Russ and Gary the Vale) and their friend, Carl the Mailman.  Sometimes about running, sometimes not so much, I always look forward to their new episodes.

4 Feet Running – Hosted by Nik and Dan, 4 feet running is now more of a sporadic show when they get time to record.  Great tips and funny banter between the first couple of running.


This Week in Technology (TWiT) Hosted by former host of the Screen Savers Leo Laporte, TWiT is a weekly video podcast with revolving panelists from the tech industry.  It is informative, funny, and a must-listen for any geek.

The Tobolowsky Files – Hosted by David Chensky, this features the stories of the character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.  I absolutely adore this show.  Stephen has the gift of story, for sure.  Just check out one episode, and you’ll be hooked.

WTF with Marc Maron – Explicit interviews by Marc Maron with comedy greats.  If you enjoy stand up comedians, you are bound to hear a voice you know.

7 Responses to Recommended Running Podcasts

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  2. Jason and Ray,
    Thanks for including my podcast in your recommended list. I feel like a small fish in a pond full of whales with the other shows on the list but I try.
    I’ll be taking you along on my run today. It was hard not to listen to it yesterday on my rest day but I managed and am eager to hear what you have to say today.
    Thanks for putting together one of my favorite shows.

  3. vanessaruns says:

    Run Barefoot Girl is another amazing podcast that should be added! I listen to it regularly.

    • jasonmkehl says:

      You are absolutely right, Vanessa. I’ll have to update the list this weekend with RBG and SPIKES. I’m hoping to get Caity on in the future!


  4. Chris says:

    Hope you will add Pace Per Mile to your list of podcasts.

  5. Matt Johnson says:

    There is a new podcast called Runner Academy. Looks to be pretty well produced and will cover a wide variety of running topics.

    Podcast Page:
    iTunes Link:

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