About the Geeks

Raymond and Jason, the Geeks in question

Jason Kehl

Jason is a geek.   He is a 30 year old father of three living in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.  Having played with computers his entire life, he decided to major in philosophy at SIUE.  After starving for awhile, re-enrollment in SIUE was done, this time in CMIS.  You can find his website about his weight loss journey at http://guttocut.wordpress.com.

Raymond (Adeyemi) King

Raymond is a Geek from the Gambia, West Africa who currently lives in Chicago with his awesome wife, Lauren. He is your stereotypical computer nerd who’s idea of a good time is sitting in front of a monitor and hashing out some code. Raymond got bit by the entrepreneurial bug a couple of years ago and his passion for entrepreneurship and business development has been growing since. He writes about his entrepreneurial journey at www.adeyemiking.com.

9 Responses to About the Geeks

  1. Zman says:

    What’s up guys! Just found your pod-casts and finished listening to the last one yesterday. Nice job and keep it up. Good luck this weekend Jason. Hope the half goes well!

    I’m not a self proclaimed geek (lots of people proclaim it for me), and I did just start running about 5 weeks ago so I’m going through the same things as you guys. The pod-casts have been fun to listen to and it’s been cool following your training so far. I’m running my first 5K on Thanksgiving and just signed up for the GO St. Louis 2011 Marathon so maybe I’ll see you there!

    I loved the pod-cast with Dr. Lam, especially his discussion on hydration. That was the first time I’ve heard the bit on the brain cells swelling, but it was handy.

    Don’t know what you have planned for upcoming pod-casts, but I’d like to hear some experienced marathoners talk about what to carry and what to get at the aid stations. Not sure how much will be there by the time I slog through and what they will even have (my brand/flavor of gel, etc). Do I need to have someone with gels/food along the route or can I count on everything being at the station. Maybe after your 1/2 you can share or get some others on to give their experiences.

    I just received my first order of SaltStick tabs and will be trying those during my cross-training bike ride this weekend. I’ve ended up cramping during the last couple of hills on my rides so thought I’d better try something new.

    Last thing – I’ve had the same CamelBak MULE pack and bladder for around 10 years now. I only keep water in it so the clean up is easy. I just drain it, open up the big cap and stuff a couple of waded up paper towels in it to dry out the last few drips. Never had a leak or any mold issues and have backpacked/biked/run hundreds of miles with it. One of the best purchases I’ve made!

    If you find yourselves over by St. Charles, MO give me a shout and maybe we can catch a run together.


    • jasonmkehl says:

      Thanks for checking out the show. It’s nice to hear from someone from my neck of the woods. Yes, Lam brought up a lot of interesting points about hydration. We are hoping to get him back on next month. As far as hydration and nutrition during the race, I don’t know that they have Gu’s at the water stations. Maybe orange slices, or something like that, water, and Gatorade, but if you need anything other than that, you’re on your own. Of course, it all depends on the race.

      I am still planning on doing the 2011 GO STL Marathon.


  2. Andrew P. says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been following RWTP and IronBrandon for quite some time and cannot believe it has taken me this long to hear about you guys! Love the show so far and really looking forward to catching up with the rest of the shows.


  3. jazzypizzaz says:

    Hello! I just started listening to your podcast and I love it! It’s fun and sometimes informative to listen to.

    Are you two on Fitocracy? I’d love to follow you!

    • jasonmkehl says:

      Thanks a lot jazzy jazzerson! Glad we can *sometimes* be informative. As far as fitocracy, you can find me on there at jasonmkehl. I don’t think Raymond is currently on the fitocracy wagon. Thanks for listening! Slainte!

  4. Jane Rose says:


    How are you doing?

    My name is Jane Rose.
    There’s a flood of mixed messages that you get on health. But the truth is that the key to being healthy is fairly simple: live as natural a life as possible. Simple tricks go a long a way. Eat a natural diet (plants and animals). Before eating, ask yourself: could I or my neighbors have made this? Take daily walks. Get outside. Take a break and make sure to rest. Don’t let stress last beyond its usefulness.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 

    Thank You
    Jane R.

  5. lizforaday says:

    I actually have heard about your podcast but just recently started listening. I have been listening to some older episodes. I really enjoy the show. It is very informative as I have dubbed myself as a baby runner and need all the advice I can get. Keep up the good work.

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