Episode 65 – Jeremy and Golden from Altra Running

This episode, (download here) the Geeks are happy to chat with Jeremy and Golden, the co-founders of the Altra Running Company (@AltraZeroDrop) based out of Utah. The guys come on the show to talk about the genesis of their popular running show company as well as give us a back story about their running, which they are awesome at by the way. For instance, Golden’s marathon time of 2:45 at the age of 12 is still a world’s best for that age.

These guys have been working in the running speciality store arena for most of their lives and were really pioneers of the zero drop running shoe movement even before the popularity of Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. On this episode, they share their stories, talk about their motivation for running in zero drop shoes, and most importantly educate us on the typical path of transition to a zero drop shoe.

Also, they were really generous to offer an exclusive discount for GiRS listeners this week (December 4th, 2011 through December 11th, 2011) on their website – www.altrazerodrop.com. Use the discount code “ALTRAGIRS12” when you checkout and you will automatically receive 15% off of your order. We thank the guys over at Altra for hooking us up with this offer. When you get a chance, please reach out to them on Twitter (@AltraZeroDrop) and spread the love.

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One Response to Episode 65 – Jeremy and Golden from Altra Running

  1. Wish I found your podcast 6 months ago! Ha, this is right about when I got my first pair of Altra. I’m a huge fan of their line! Keep up the ‘casting!

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