Episode 64 – Return of the Rainmaker

This episode, (download here) the Geeks are happy to chat with Ray (@dcrainmakerblog) about great gift ideas for the endurance athlete this holiday season.  Ray, who writes in depth reviews of endurance sports gear over at DCRainMaker.com, is a triathlete and a rabid consumer sports gear that he reviews.

Regardless of whether you are a new or advance runner, a triathlete, or just looking for gear for your daily fitness goals, Ray covers his recommendations for what to look for this holiday season. By the way, if you would like some more information on the gear you heard on this episode, check out check out Ray’s 2011 Sports Technology Recommendation post.

Now that is a geek!

Below is a list of the devices that were discussed on the show. Click on each link to view Ray’s review of the device.

Running watches:
Garmin Forerunner 210
Timex Run Trainer
Motorola Motoactv
Garmin Forerunner 610
Garmin 310XT (currently has a $50 rebate!)

Cycling Computers:
Garmin EDGE 500
Garmin EDGE 800

FINIS swim
Garmin 910XT

General fitness
Withings Wifi Scale
Garmin GT110
Wahoo Fitness Key
Jawbone UP
An Ant+ Phone (Sony Ericcson Xperia Active)

Hopefully, you got some ideas on what gear you want this off season. Happy shopping:)

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3 Responses to Episode 64 – Return of the Rainmaker

  1. Hey guys! I have enjoyed listening to some of your podcasts. Sorry, this e-mail is not international (Iowa is in the United States). It’s great listening to you mortal guys figuring out how to improve your running. I have been running for a few years, but in January I got my Garmin FR 305 and I am running more seriously. I did 10 races this year including a half marathon (1:42:11). I am looking forward to run my first marathon in April 15 (Go! St Louis). Any of you guys planning on running this one? I’ve heard this course is a tough one, but hey, It will be my Marathon PR! Looking forward to listening to your next podcast!

  2. Jake Hanson says:

    Cool devices. Since I got my I got my Garmin Forerunner 305 and I am also running more seriously, it motivates me much more when I can my results.

    • jasonmkehl says:

      I think that investing in nicer equipment can help motivate some people to take their training to the next level. After dropping a few hundred dollars, you have some skin in the game, ya know? Just like if I spent four grand setting up a poker room in my house, you bet your ass I’ll be playing poker as often as possible.

      …what a weird-ass simile. I don’t even play poker. On second thought, if I spend four grand on a poker room, just take me out. The Texas Hold’em body snatchers have already got to me.


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