Episode 62 – Coach Jeff from PRSFit

This week (download here) the Geeks are excited to be talking once again to Raymond’s coach from PRS-Fit, Jeff (@coachprs).

Coach Jeff is always a good source of information and his plan has truly helped Raymond progress as much as he has this year. If you would like to learn more about him or get in contact with him, check out his weekly podcast “Train with the Coaches” available on iTunes.

Until next time, leave feedback on iTunes,  email questions and comments to feedback [at] GeeksInRunningShoes [dot] com or just ‘like us’ on facebook! Also follow us on Twitter, Jason (@guttocutwl) and Ray (@adeyemiking).


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2 Responses to Episode 62 – Coach Jeff from PRSFit

  1. Betsy says:

    Hi. I just listened to this episode. Coach Jeff sounds like a nice guy, but this episode really made me cringe. He made several statements that aren’t supported by science, yet he says them in such a convincing fashion that it’s hard to doubt him if you are a new runner. I know you guys are fairly new to running, but I would like to hear you challenge some of the “experts” you have on your show, rather than let them make wild claims. One thing in particular that really could be dangerous was the coach’s statement that everyone needs to take supplements because they need more vitamins if they are running. There is simply no evidence for this.

    I think you guys spend so much time analyzing every detail of your training and nutrition and shoes, that you make running more complicated than it needs to be. It’s just running. And it should be fun. After listening to many of your podcasts, I think that’s why you had disappointing marathons. You weren’t out there to have fun and you werent enjoying yourselves. Why run if it’s not fun?

    • jasonmkehl says:

      Hey, Betsy, Jason here. First off, thanks for the feedback. We always like to hear feedback whether it be good or bad. We’ve been talking with Jeff since our show’s genesis. We know that he has the best intentions when it comes to how he trains. If he didn’t believe what he trains, he wouldn’t do it. Raymond and I don’t always know what our guests are going to say before they come on. That being said, it is not always easy for us to contradict our guest when put on the spot with a convincing claim. I wish that I would have spoken up more for many of our guests. I totally accept the fact that I should have, if for no other reason than for the listeners to question the claim as well. I will have to listen to the show again with Jeff, but I don’t remember him stating that supplements were necessary. I know that both Jeff and Diane promote a whole, natural food diet.

      As far as over-analyzation, are Ray and I guilty of that? Absolutely! Granted, I’m speaking for Ray here, but I know that I battle to find the balance between dedicated training and running for fun. Personally, I would like to perform better at my next race, but I don’t necessarily want to make myself miserable to do that. I think it’s unfair to say that we weren’t out there having fun during our marathons, though. My wife saw me every 5 miles for the entire race, she can tell you that I was having a blast until I started cramping. I can honestly say that I was no longer having fun once that started, though. But, I wanted to finish the race. So, I ran when I could, walked the rest to finish. That is also why I’ve decided not to pursue a full marathon again next year. I didn’t have fun training for a full this year. The time investment was too much for me. It was no longer fun. Again, this is my opinion, and I cannot speak fully for Ray.

      Thanks again for your feedback, Betsy, and thanks for listening!

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