Episode 58 – Marathon Race Tips with Team PRS-Fit

This week (download here) the Geeks are excited to be talking once again to Raymond’s coaches from PRS-Fit, Jeff (@coachprs) and Diane(@coach1D). The coaches came on as part of the marathon preparedness episodes that we have been having over the past two weeks. This time, the focus was on an individualized taper and race plan for Raymond. Coach Jeff gives Raymond a step by step game plan on how to move forward from now – 2 weeks before the race – to how to handle the day after. Coach also took a few questions from the chatroom in regards to nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

Coach Jeff is always a good source of information and his plan has truly helped Raymond progress as much as he has this year. If you would like to learn more about him or get in contact with him, check out his weekly podcast “Train with the Coaches” available on iTunes.

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4 Responses to Episode 58 – Marathon Race Tips with Team PRS-Fit

  1. Good episode. Just to chime on on 3/day a week running during marathon training, totally possible and worked extremely well for me in training for the Wisconsin Marathon. I’d do one tempo, a medium distance, and then the long run on the weekend. I would usually get in one or two spins a week too to change things up. Highly recommend especially if you’re coming off injury.

  2. Nice show, as always.

    One thing I didn’t hear mentioned as far as race planning is something you may already know about- if it’s going to be cold, plan for weather by wearing a couple layers of shirts over your tech stuff that you don’t mind throwing away on the course. I like to use old cotton shirts from other 5k’s and stuff. Also, a pair of throwaway gloves are quite helpful, IMO. I like to buy a $5 pair at the race expo.

    Of course, you can always wear your nice cold weather gear, but if it starts to warm up, then you’re suddenly saddled with a piece of clothing that you have to lug around with you for 26 miles.

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