Episode 56 – Dr. Lam Returns

This episode (download here), Dr. Lam (@runninglam) of RunningLam.com graces our virtual studio for a record setting third time. As usual, Lam brings with a whole lot of medical knowledge and advice – especially as it relates to running.  This episode’s discussion revolves around children and running. Lam talks about his observations on this topic as a practicing MD in New York City. He offers up advice to parents who have children that are active and interested in sports.

Also, this recording was done as usual on Sunday night that also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. Therefore, we spent sometime during show reflecting and sharing our memories from that day especially since Lam was actually in New York City. He shared his very awesome story as part of this discussion.

Our thoughts are still with those who fell that day and as always continue to be with those who are still in harms way trying to protect us from anything like that ever happening again.

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2 Responses to Episode 56 – Dr. Lam Returns

  1. I liked everything about this episode apart from…the story of the kid who run several marathons before his car accident. What I didn’t like or else, what surprised me was you both laughing. I know sometimes we laugh incontrollably, but serioulsy, was THAT funny in any way? Ironic, yes. Life can be ironic but if you think of it, this kid did more marathons than you and I will probably be able to run. And he did it for the sheer joy of run.

    • adeyemiking says:

      Hannah – first off I want to apologize for coming across as insensitive to the situation. It was indeed a tragic situation and none to be made fun at. However, it is the irony of that situation that I was mostly laughing at and not the fact that he will not be able to compete in another marathon. Thanks for the feedback and for keeping us honest, I really appreciate it.

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