Episode 43 – Live from Missouri Running Company

This week, download here, the Geeks are live on location at Missouri Running Company in St. Louis, Missouri.  Missouri Running Company is owned by Lori and Jim, two accomplished runners themselves.  They offer video gait analysis at all three of their Missouri locations.  What you didn’t see is the way that they helped us find shoes after the show.  We interacted with every member working today, trying on multiple pairs of shoes. In the end, we both walked out of there with new kicks.  Ray took home his first pair of VFFs, the Bikilas.  Jason decided to get some runs in with the Nike Free 3.0 (lime green, of course!).

This is one of those episodes that you want to watch inorder to get the full context on all the product demos. Check out the ustream recording to get the full experience.

Emily from YurBuds swung by to show us their amazing product.  We can tell you from first hand experience that the audio quality on their Ironman Series.  Also, Greg from Nike spent some time with us to talk about Nike’s new running watch, the Nike+ SportsWatch.  What a nice watch.  Sleak, stylish, and simple to use, we were very happy with the hands-on demo.

Big shoutout to Dan Clark, host of Running the Golden Yearsand friend of the show.  It was our pleasure to award him our giveaway this week of Yurbud Ironman Performance Raising Earphones.  Thanks for tuning in every week, Dan!

Emily for YurBuds, Jason, Ray, and Jim from MoRunCo

Until next time, leave feedback on iTunes,  email questions and comments to feedback [at] GeeksInRunningShoes [dot] com or just ‘like us’ on facebook! You can check out the uncensored video from the show on our Ustream feed.  Also follow us on Twitter, Jason (@guttocutwl) and Ray (@adeyemiking).


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