GiRS Shirts

We are coming up with ideas for GiRS branded shirts and apparel. Below is a close to final draft of the shirts that we are going to start with. We are looking for your feedback on color, wording, and maybe pricing once we get to selling these. This feedback will help us out tremendously.

If you get a chance, drop us a comment or email us at feedback [at] geeksinrunningshoes [dot] com or send either Jason (@guttocutwl) or Ray (adeyemiking) a tweet with your feedback.

Regular T-Shirt

Women's Fitted T-Shirt

Men's Fitted T-Shirt


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4 Responses to GiRS Shirts

  1. Zen Runner says:

    LOVE it. Pull the trigger!

  2. Christopher Purner says:

    Nice. I’m a fan of the color in the fitted tees.

  3. Ashe says:

    Are they tech shirts?

    • adeyemiking says:

      So far we only have cotton t-shirts available on our cafepress store. We are looking into how to adequately buy and inventory tech shirts though.

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