Episode 29 – Miles4Kids

This week (download here), the Geeks are happy to have Christina and Jerry Romero (@miles4kids) from the Miles4Kids organization.  They totally kicked  our donkey in training this week, hitting 25 miles while training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on May 1, 2011.

Ray finally went out for a post-race run, while Jason focused his week on cross-training and lifting weights.

Christina and Jerry then explain their philanthropic organization, Miles4Kids, which creates awareness about child abuse.  You can support them by going to their website, Miles4Kids.org.  100% of the donations go to benefit KCSL (Kansas Children Service League).

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Big ups to the Zen Runner finishing his marathon today and looking marvelous.

Also, check out Dan‘s show “Running the Golden Years“, in his latest episode, he talks with running coach Greg McMillan.  Check it out!

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One Response to Episode 29 – Miles4Kids

  1. Jerry Romwro says:

    Hey guys! We had a great time on your show last night! Thanks so much for the opportunity. We listened to the show today and it’ sounds great! You guys are doing an excellent job with your podcast. Jerry and Christina

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