Episode 27 – St. Louis Frostbite Half Marathon

Dia Duit everyone! This episode (download here), the geeks recap their performance on the St. Louis Frostbite Half Marathon that occurred this past weekend. Jason wrote up a very nice race report post on his blog – guttocut.wordpress.com. If you are interested in viewing more race pictures, you can find them on Ray’s flickr page.

Being Ray’s first ever racing event, the excitement and “runners high” shows as the guys go into great detail about the race. Discussing everything from the pre-race meet up with show listener, Michael Yoon (@michaelyoon), to race “beefs” such as the limited availability of water stations and toilets. Also, check out the awesome Saucony Kinvara Vizi-Pro cake that Jason’s wife, Tera, made him. How awesome is this?!

Keeping to the theme of the St. Louis Frostbite Series run, the Twitter Search and Follow segment for this episode featured a search for “st louis frostbite” that resulted in the guys following @BlueTapp.

Until next time, leave feedback on iTunes,  email questions and comments to feedback [at] GeeksInRunningShoes [dot] com or just ‘like us’ on facebook! Also follow us on Twitter, Jason (@guttocutwl) and Ray (@adeyemiking).

A big thanks to Honey Milk for sending us a case of their protein recovery drinks to try out after the race.

Oh, and enjoy the Club can’t handle me right now (Indian Style) youtube video.

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3 Responses to Episode 27 – St. Louis Frostbite Half Marathon

  1. monica says:

    Hi guys- really enjoyed the race report podcast and the cake is awesome. I just got a pair of kinvaras myself, and they are really different from what I’ve been running in (Nike Lunarglide and Newtons), but so far so good. I’m going to look for the honey milk – currently my preference is for soy milk after a long run but its always good to try new things. keep up the great podcast, I am hoping to run a 1/2 marathon in march if I can up my mileage and remain injury free.

    • jasonmkehl says:

      Thanks for checking us out, Monica. Glad you’re enjoying the show. I’m not familiar with the Lunarglides, but I think the transition will be relatively easy coming from the Newtons. As far the soy milk, I’ve tried it on a few different occasions. Have to get used to the taste of it, that’s for sure. Good luck working up to the 1/2 marathon! My new goal for this year is to remain injury free (after I get over my current injury). And yes, the cake was awesome (and tasted awesome!). My wife is amazing!


  2. Bonnie says:

    I loved the race report. The longest race I’ve ever done (to this point) is a 12k … & by the end, I was definitely cussing people out. It was, I feel, poorly organized & only 2 water stations on the entire route. In the middle of the race, all the road guards disappeared & we almost got lost. We also almost got hit by drivers annoyed we were running on the road. At the end, there was only water & orange slices, no sports drinks anywhere. As a military-sponsored race, I was truly shocked & totally crabby about it. So I totally understand those emotions.

    I also understand about Zensah. I ran that 12k (& every training run since then) in my Zensahs or some other type of compression sock. Saves my calves every time.

    Love the show… it’s always encouraging to listen to “normal people” running. I don’t have anything against elite runners… I just have nothing in common with them. So thanks for the show!

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