T-Minus Two Days…

Hey fellow Geeks, Jason here.  You might have noticed that we didn’t have a show release on Monday.  If you didn’t notice, forget I mentioned it.  But for those of you who have been wondering, we were just too busy to get together to talk about our last week of training.  The St. Louis Frostbite Half Marathon is this Saturday, January 22nd.  It will be my second, Ray’s first.  I know he’s going to rock it!  The bad news is that I am typing this up today from home since I didn’t go to work today.  The reason: 6-12 inches of snow in the St. Louis metro area.  Tomorrow morning, the wind chill is expected to hit -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Saturday (race day) is expected to be a bit warmer, but not exactly a heat wave.  So, this will be an interesting and fun race.  Rest assured, we will be hitting a pub afterwards to celebrate the race and our birthdays.  If time allows, we might try to sneak in a show on Saturday (perhaps on Ustream), so make sure you are following both of us on Twitter (@GutToCutWL and @adEYEmiking) and Facebook.  We will announce there if we do a live show.  So, until then, wish us luck.  We’ll talk this weekend!



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One Response to T-Minus Two Days…

  1. Monica says:

    Geez sounds horrible! Be safe out there and have fun- looking forward to the race report!!

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