Episode 20 – Live from Belleville

Woot, we have recorded 20 episodes! It has been a lot of fun and we are just getting started!! This episode (download here), we recorded the episode LIVE over ustream (In case you were unable to view the live show, here is a link to the video recording).

This episode, the discussion centered around post long-run recovery. What are some good ways that you can recover from a long training run?

In preparation for the show, we each took an ice-bath (in separate tubs, of course) and recorded the audio. Jason’s audio was played during the show and it was hilarious! Anyway, with the help of the chat room, we came up with the following as good recovery methods:

  • Compression
  • Ice baths
  • Protein shakes
  • Epson Epsom salt in warm water bath
  • and of course Rest Ice Compress Elevate (RICE)

We also selected the winners of the Zensah giveaway. A big congratulations to @ooohbeggie and @quadrathon for winning the leg compression sleeves and the loose fit long sleeved shirt respectively. As mentioned on the show, DM us on twitter or email your mailing address, size, and color that you would like to have mailed to you. Also, a big thank you to all of you that participated in this giveaway. The turnout was great and this is just the beginning. We already have another couple of giveaways in the works.

This week’s Twitter Search and Follow segment featured @runrenerun. Rene was in the chat room during the show and we got to learn a little bit about her. Give her a follow and check out her blog runrenerun.blogspot.com. She will be doing a Half Iron Man next April in memory of her dad, so let’s give her some support.

Until next time, leave feedback on iTunes,  email questions and comments to feedback [at] GeeksInRunningShoes [dot] com or just ‘like us’ on facebook! Also follow us on Twitter, Jason (@guttocutwl) and Ray (@adeyemiking)

Twitter search and follow, follow, follow…aaah

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One Response to Episode 20 – Live from Belleville

  1. Jay says:

    Great show guys, and just wanted to mention one thing:

    Epson = printer company
    Epsom (salts) = magnesium sulfate



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