Episode 16 – Kick Your Donkey

In this episode (download here), the Geeks catch up on training (and Jason’s lack of), winter running deals at Wal-Mart, New York City Marathon (NYCM), Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), next year’s running goals,  Operation Jack, our Facebook page, and email.

Twitter Search-and-Follow = @IdiotRunner

Raymond found some good deals on entry level base layer gear at his local Wal-Mart.  Not a bad idea for a newer runner trying to get some gear without breaking the bank.  Jason made a suggestion to start doing “errand runs” on weekends.  This comes after he ran to the local video store (do they still call them video stores?) and back to rent some scary movies for Halloween.  Speaking of Halloween, we had to take a short break in the middle of the show while Jason checked to see if his neighbor was retaliating for the “tricks” Jason played earlier that night.

The Geeks mentioned the next half marathon on the radar for them is the St. Louis Frostbite Half on January 22nd.  Jason will be running it for sure (it’s his 30th birthday!), Raymond is a little iffy on it since it requires him traveling down to St. Louis.  Depending on how the half goes, the boys plan on also doing the April GOSTL marathon if they can get registered before it fills up.

A big congrats to all those who participated in the Marine Corps Marathon today, and a big “good luck” for those doing the New York City Marathon next Sunday!  Also, special congrats to Eric (@veganrunningdad) on completing his first marathon!

If you have time, do check out Operation Jack‘s page.  He is running 61 marathons in 2010 to raise money for Autism.  A great guy to great things for a great cause.

While you’re surfing the web, head over to our Facebook page and get engaged.  Right now, the question is out there asking for a new Twitter handle for Jason.

Thank you Ryan and Humberto for the great feedback (submitted to feedback[at]geeksinrunningshoes[dot]com).  Any jingle makers out there? We need a jingle for our “Twitter Search-and-Follow” segment.  Get on it, Geeks!

Until next week, stay Geeky!

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2 Responses to Episode 16 – Kick Your Donkey

  1. Monica says:

    One way to get an idea of your pace for different distances is to google mcmillan running calculator. There’s a site that lets you enter a time for a given distance that you’ve run, and it will figure out 5K , 10K, 1/2 marathon pace etc. Also paces for interval workouts etc.
    Love the podcast!!

  2. adeyemiking says:

    Very good tip Monica. I did search for the running calculator and came up with the McMillan Running site (www.mcmillanrunning.com). I guess Coach Jeff has competition out there. Anyway, I will take your recommendation and figure out my pace using coach McMillan’s method.

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