Episode 15 – Delayed until Next Week

This week the Geeks chat with Allan Gyorke of the Running with the Pack podcast.  We talked about heart rate training, Run Run Live, Coach Jeff, Allan’s Chicago Marathon experience, the Race Contract… of course, you didn’t hear all of this.  The hour and 15 minute podcast was eaten by Ray’s MacBook.  So, basically, no show release this week.  The Geeks are busy and probably won’t get to record another show until next weekend.

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One Response to Episode 15 – Delayed until Next Week

  1. Raymond, I don’t have your email, so I’m trying to contact you this way. A friend of mine at DePaul is doing a survey for class. Would you be open to taking it? If you feel like posting it on your running blog that’s very cool, but no pressure.

    Do you know of any male runner between 20 and 30 years old?
    If so could you please forward them the email with the survey link

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Please find below the link to a survey about a toning and wellness shoe
    for runners. This survey was created by marketing students as part of their marketing
    class. This survey is anonymous and takes about 10 min to complete.

    Thank you very much for your participation and your time.

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