Both Geeks are in Chicago! Live Video Tomorrow!

Hey everyone, Jason here.  I’m currently watching Ray cook me a spaghetti dinner in his condo outside of Chicago.  We hit the expo today which was at Navy Pier.  It was pretty well organized and had a few vendors.  Tomorrow, we will be taking it easy, hydrating and watching some tv.  Might do some light stretching just to keep the body warm.  Sunday morning, the race begins at 7am.  Ray will be dropping Lauren and me off at the start, then parking the car near the Metra station for easy access.  We’re hoping he gets some good pictures if he can find us in the sea of 20,000 runners!  After the race, Gino’s East for pizza (and beer!).  One big thing I need to mention is our live Ustream broadcast tomorrow (Saturday 9/11) at 4pm CST.  You can get there by following this link.  We do hope to see a lot of you there as we do a pre-race talk.  Cheers!


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