On Running Styles – Information from Other Bloggers

In our quest to overcome injury and run efficiently, Ray and I are always looking for more information when it comes to working on our stride, strike and technique.  We are in luck in that there have been a couple of well written blog posts by fellow runners that help to shed light on our elusive target.

First, for those who wish to run barefoot, Clynton of Running Quest has a 12 step program from shoes to barefoot bodhisattva.  He takes the guess-work out of how to take it slow, providing approximate time frames for each of his steps.  That’s a good thing, especially for a pig-headed guy like me.  My idea of “starting slowly” was to run 1 mile barefoot one day, rest one day, then run 3 miles barefoot.  Where did that get me?  Two weeks off of running while nursing a strained calf muscle.  You have to understand that it takes time to develop your lower leg muscles for this kind of activity.  I mean, you wouldn’t just go into the gym after not lifting weights for 20 years and try to squat 250 pounds?  If you would, record it on video and send it to me.

The second blog post I want to point out comes from Pete.  Pete’s blog RunBlogger is a wonderful resource for running shoe reviews.  I mean, the guy has a legitimate problem when it comes to buying shoes.  He tests and reviews lots of models, so always  check there before any upcoming purchases.  Pete also just released his opus on Running Form.  Pictures, videos, and a lot of research went into this post.  Frankly, it has helped me with my posture during running already.  Excellent read!

So there’s your homework.  Go do some quick, educational reading.  Take care all!


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