Episode 6 – The #Twittervirus Strikes

Woot! Jason returns after run-in with the Twittervirus. You can download this episode here or check us out on iTunes.

Training update: Jason’s battle with illness and hamstring, Ray still reeling from the shin-splints.

Running on the Sun“, documentary on the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon.

Jay’s comment on the website about forefoot running form versus shoe selection.  We also talk about our plans to focus on a forefoot/natural running style and shoes (Vibrams and Newtons).

Twitter search led us this week to @andrina.

Next week, we will be having a special guest on the show, the Running Laminator!

As always, Thanks for listening!

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7 Responses to Episode 6 – The #Twittervirus Strikes

  1. Theresa says:

    I’m super into all kinds of gear and enjoy the conversations about minimalist shoes. I’d be into hearing more about barefoot and minimalist running.

    I think my favorite part of your shows is when Jason swears and then Raymond groans about having to bleep it. :)

  2. Brandon Wood says:

    Hey guys. Great show.

    Some things about forefoot running. The first and probably most important part to figuring out what “natural” running is, is to take off your shoes and socks and go COMPLETELY barefoot. Vibrams WILL change your gait and rather than paying attention to your feet and form, all you’ll be doing is paying attention to the shoe. You cannot possibly know what your personal, natural form is until you’ve run entirely barefoot. After that, when you know what your feet and body are supposed to do, you can begin to work out what kind of shoe you want to wear. (and Jason, go barefoot BEFORE you put on your Newts. Otherwise, it;s a big waste of money)

    Second, “forefoot” is kind of a misnomer (one that I am guilty of using too much). If you have in your mind that your forefoot is the part of your foot doing all the work, you will inevitably end up running too far forward and even on your toes (which is incredible wrong). Once again, this is where barefooting comes in to play. When your barefoot, you should not be trying to do what you think is right, you should just do what your body does naturally. This will likely result in you landing fairly flatfooted, and it is this technique that should eventually be mimicked in shoes.

    About races; you guys should not be so tentative in having JUST A races on your schedule. Go to Active.com and find a local 5 or 10k or something. Get a race in your system.

    About Newtons price; if you run with proper technique, you will get probably twice the mileage out of them that you would out of regular shoes. Also, how much does it cost to take time off from running for injury? How much does it cost to see your Dr.? Do the math, Newtons are cheap.

    • jasonmkehl says:

      All great advice. Perhaps we can go more into this when you make it on our show. My plan after Chicago is to completely strip everything to square one and start barefoot. Overall I think that Newtons are worth the money and are not crazy expensive. Definitely appreciate the advice about starting barefoot though. Id like to utilize CoachPRS to get me to where i want to be as far as running form once I’m ready to focus on it solely. As far as races, I’m hoping to do a 5K TikiTrot this weekend if the schedule allows. Night running, Tiki torches, beer, how could I go wrong? Thanks for the comment, Brandon, and for those who are reading this, definitely check out the Iron Brandon podcast. Lots of good knowledge contained in those shows. He must use some sort of knowledge shoehorn to get it to fit.

  3. Ted says:

    Regarding episode 6 and running form, I’d like to recommend reading up on this page:


    Pete dissects running form from the elites all the way to his kids barefooting it. Definitely worth the time.

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