Episode 2 – The Static Strikes Back

Well, we haven’t found time to re-record Episode 2, so we are going to leave it the way it is.  Without getting too technical, we are having problems with Soundflower.  It is a software that works with Skype and GarageBand that we use for recording the podcast.  We (hopefully) will be recording an incident-free third episode this Sunday.  You can download Episode 2 here.  Also, feel free to subscribe in iTunes using that same link.  Right click the link and click “Copy”.  Then in iTunes, click the “Advanced” tab, then the “Subscribe to a Podcast” selection.  Paste the link into there and voila!  Now, you automatically get the download as soon as we put it up.  Wasn’t that easy!  Slowly you are becoming a geek.  Next, we’ll get you running.  Episode 3 will feature advice from Coach Jeff of PRS-Fit, minimalist/barefoot running, and Raymond will talk about new gear.

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2 Responses to Episode 2 – The Static Strikes Back

  1. Nile says:

    Ooh! podcast… I just helped and designed a Mount Vernon IL based podcast. I am still trying to get through using Skype… but I also have Audacity, which I can mix in music if I like (it is open source and free, if you have not tried it.)

    I need some tips on putting a podcast together. Applying one to a website is easy, making a podcast is a whole different story.

    • jasonmkehl says:

      Well, I don’t know if you would want tips from us at this point since we have yet to do a podcast that doesn’t get static. Well, right now, we are recording using Skype, then Raymond is using Soundflower to feed into GarageBand on his Mac. The problem we are running into is that Soundflower will sometimes distort his audio without us knowing. That’s what is causing the static and reverb. As far as help with podcasting, what are your questions. I subscribe and listen to 30-40 or so, but this is both Raymond and my first attempt at creating one.

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